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  • CrushCrush • CrushCrush • kukurydza
  • Crush • cytrusyCrush • winogronoCrush • kiwi
  • Crush • oliwkiCrush • migdałyCrush • wiśnia
  • Crush • lawenda


Crush is the new eco-friendly range of uncoated colored papers, made by using residues from citrus fruits, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi, hazelnuts and almonds. Those additives contain up to 15% of virgin tree pulp and significantly influence on a distinctive texture and appearance.

The Crush collection can be perfectly applied as a raw material for occasional cards, business cards, brochures and other advertising materials.

Those papers have excellent printability and are useful for any kind of finishing process as cutting, folding, etc.

There are also available envelopes upon request.

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