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Transparent papers

Transparent paper of German producer named SCHOELLERSHAMMER is made from bleached cellulose (in ECF technology). It is available in wide range of grammage between 40 g/m2 and 280 g/m2 and it is uncoated and acid-free product, which doesn't get yellowish in longer time and it is not susceptible to degradation.

Thanks to his parameters it is suitable for printing in laser and ink-jet printers, but is highly recommended to let the ink dry due to higher density of paper and limited penetration of ink in the structure of paper. Good results can be also achieved by using offset and screen-prinitng

Transparent paper is the universal product often applied for production of invitation cards, occasional card, dividers used in swatches and albums, etc. It is also recommmened as a base for freehand draws by pencil, ink, charcoal...

Properties of transparent paper allows to perform row of finishing processes as: cutting, dry and hot embossing, laminating varnishing, gluing, etc, what allows to achieve interesting effects.

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