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One of the Favini's Casting Papers groups is the collection of AW patterns and we are a sole distibutor of those patterns on Polish, Belorussian, Russian and Ukrainian market.

The following papers are included in this collection.

MULTIKAST - the serie of plain and embossed papers in four basic finishes: matt (MK 450), semi-matt (MK 449), semi-gloss (MK 446) and gloss (MK 440). Mutikast is the collection of papers designed for PVC production, but there are cases, where PVC/PU is possible to use.

T2000S - the serie of plain and embossed papers designed for PU. It is available in three basic finishes: semi-matt (701), matt (703) and ultra matt (705). T2000S papers can be used for PU as well as PVC. Thanks to achivement of perfect glossness and creation of luxury in touch product it is ideal for upolstery and garments.

ULTRALEASE - paper serie created basing on T2000S in order to improve release properties (especially in case of PU application) and increase barrier effect for pigment migration. Here Ultralease Touch deserves at attention due to special surface finishing, which gives effect of softness and better touch.

HIGHLIGHT i HIGHTEM - collection of extruded papers with excellent definition of design thanks to special polimer extruded onto paper surface. Highlight version is recommended only for PU due to lower melting point of applied polimer. The development of this version is the Hightem version suitable for PU/PVC applications thanks to other type of applied polimer. Each product in the collection has individual gloss level received from the production process.

HIGHTEM HI-DEFINITION -The collection being the development of Hightem version, which gives the same advantages, but the design is better defined.

PRIMACAST - Colleciton of papers, being the extension of desing range, has been created in order to increase the useability of paper during coating process of artificial leather. Thanks to application of special mixture of silicone and resins the lifetime of paper has been increased, reducing the same waste quanitity..

HI-GLOSS PATENT - The serie of plain and embossed papers with hi-gloss level.

We have warehouse of casitng papers available in Poland, what allows our customers purchase paper, when they need it.


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